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Toyota Traigo 8 - 9 tonne





When Tomas Jankauskas and Simone Fremondi collaborated on the Traigo 80 project, they had no idea what was in store for them. Tomas worked on Toyota's Swedish design team, while Simone was the project's principal engineer, located in Bologna. The anticipation stemmed from the fact that the two of them had never previously collaborated. But when the Traigo received the German Design Award 2019 for its design, the two guys felt their partnership had been a success. This is how they put it.The Toyota Traigo 80 receives a German prize November 28, 2018 by admin
The heavy-duty electric forklift Toyota Traigo80 6-8 tonne model has won the German Design Award for exceptional design excellence.

The German Design Awards are worldwide awards given by the German Design Council to recognize innovative design trends. An acclaimed international panel of experts named the Traigo80 a Winner in the category 'Excellent Product Design.' The Toyota Traigo80 is Toyota Material Handling's first counterbalance forklift to earn the German Design Award. The engine-powered Toyota Tonero counterbalance forklift won a special mention in 2015. Tomas Jankauskas, Industrial Designer of Toyota Material Handling Europe, outlines the Traigo80 6-8t design process: "I feel that if the vehicle looks well, it will perform well, and vice versa." It's similar to how shape evolves in nature: only the finest survive. This is also used in our design process, where we eliminate waste and leave just the best-performing designs."

The Toyota Traigo80 6-8t's functional design is founded on Toyota's core principles and is the result of collaboration between Toyota's Swedish design team in Mjölby and the Italian R&D team in Bologna.

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