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Porsche Type 64 concept 2039


Porsche / FORM3 Designstudios



Porsche type 64 concept 2039.
In 2039 Porsche will celebrate 100 years anniversary of it most legendary car. Type 64 what’s considered to be first true Porsche. It is also known as a Berlin to Rome race car. Although the race never happened it was very highly anticipated. At the time this cars design was ground-breaking. Aerodynamic specifications of this car where second to none. Full aluminium uni-body and closed wheel caps help to achieve minimum drag. Engine was placed in the middle of a car to achieve perfect weight distribution. V10 engine allowed to reach high speeds. Nevertheless the car was widely used as the everyday transport by Ferdinand Porsche himself. Making a statement that this was not only a great race car but also practical means of transportation.

In 1939 type 64 was a radical car, at that time it was the cutting edge of all vehicles, hundred years after in 2039, it must go even further.

Porsche was always described for its purity. Having very soft and positive form. Many would describe its design language as very conservative , but to be more precise it is a progressive design which comes from Porsche historical
roots. It is the only brand which can boast such a versatile usage of they’re cars. In the morning you can take your Porsche to the racetrack and in the evening you can still elegantly land in front of the Opera House. Keeping in mind that this car could be still used as a daily commuter while it is a proper super car. This concept is not dedicated to answer the question what Porsche brand is now but rather ask them. It might not be appreciated by many hardcore fans of this brand but I believe this is the time for Porsche to move to a new era of modern design . The goal of the new design language is to describe fluid shapes in the more defined manner.. Meaning that soft shapes kept but interpreted in the more modern way. My main goal was to take original Porsche type 64 as a source of inspiration, and make a new radical car for the brand. In this sense it is not a simple redesign project, but rather a whole new design approach. To achieve that I used cutting edge technology on combination with timeless design language. Of which Porsche was always famous for. Taking original Porsche volume and combining it with a new intricate graphic solutions, was my approach to achieve new design language.

It was important to keep a strong brand identity, so I couldn’t afford to change both: volumes and graphics. In case I would have, the car wouldn’t be recognized anymore as a true descendant of a brand.

At the end this car is packed with all the latest technologies, while maintaining its design purity. Technology is so much embedded in type 64 concepts design that it even provides an aesthetic features such as triangulated accents along the body lines. These are used as a radiators to provide so much needed cooling for a one of a kind thermoelectric power-plant.

I refused to use stylistic design for this car, as I believe Porsche should only have beautiful executed design that performs. Such as monolithic back light, which sweeps gently around the back, serving as a downforce generation source.

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