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Who We Are

We are the metavers racing pioneers ! Collaborating with Waves ecosystem. Approved by Waves association. Our Nfts featured on . Co designed with AI. Made by best mobility designers in the industry 


In a racing metaverse, users can compete against each other in a variety of racing events. There are a variety of tracks to choose from, and users can customize their vehicles to improve their performance.

The metaverse also features a variety of other racing-related activities, such as betting on races and participating in race-themed events.

More things to explore:

-Racing in different environments (e.g., on land, in the air, in space)

-Different types of racing events (e.g., drag racing, oval racing, rally racing)

-Racing against non-player characters (NPCs)

-Racing in teams

-Organizing and participating in racing tournaments Worlds to enjoy

-A world inspired by real-life locations

-A world inspired by popular media (e.g., movies, video games, cartoons)

-A futuristic world with advanced technology

-A world with magical elements

The possibilities are endless in a racing metaverse!

Coming soon to a metaverse

-Racing with and against your friends

-Competing for the best times on tracks

-Creating and customizing your own vehicles

-Betting on races -and more!

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