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Toyota RAV 4 5d Adventure





Happy to present my first published work from Toyota Japan. I have contributed to a front end design. Amazing congrats to my Tico teammates. Ux and the drone are truly cutting edge tech and design

Thanks for all the believers ! AČIŪ !

Toyota Industries exhibited "RAV4 ​​5D Adventure" a mountain rescue vehicle at "Tokyo Auto Salon 2021" it was held online from January 15th.

The RAV4 5D Adventure was born while investigating professional vehicles that are used in harsh sites, focusing on mountain rescue. 5D stands for a "spatial link" - recognizing disaster situations at remote sites

In addition to the exterior and suspension that can withstand bad weather in mountainous areas. Car is equipped with a modular cube units that allows detachable replacement of LiDAR, cameras, lamps, speakers, etc.

In the event of an emergency one can attach the cubes for rescue activities to cars, people, and drones.

AR function assists driving in bad weather, an interface that links the smartphone and the car to read the movements and a control function which operate other machines. We have created a professional vehicle that can reliably and safely enter any site and carry out rescue activities.

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