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Toyota AI interior





The idea here was to create an interior that merges driving pleasure with AI assistance

Given the advanced technologies on board the car, I thought it would be interesting to experiment with an interior that would work with a driver without being too intrusive.

The driver's seat is lower than the passenger seat and has a wrap-around form, with a separate headrest which protects the driver from the car's artificial intelligence system.

The steering wheel is also very thin and has a haptic feedback system that allows the driver to feel the road.

The dashboard is minimalistic, with only a few essential controls.

The centre console houses the car's artificial intelligence system, which is hidden behind a dark glass panel.

Car's artificial intelligence system is controlled by a voice-activated interface, which is hidden behind a dark glass panel.

The car's artificial intelligence system is also capable of controlling the car's climate control, infotainment system and navigation.

Car is also equipped with an advanced driver assistance system, which can take over the driving in certain situations.

How can computer learning predict patterns and show them in a graphical ways. In order to inform us and make driving more immersive and interactive.

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