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Solar Robe





Solar robe is a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and classic style. While keeping everyday practicality in mind. Robe is constructed from Thin Film solar modules that are joined together to produce a basic rectangular blanket. When the memory alloy Ni - Ti is melted within the modules, the magic happens. It enables this robe to wrap around its wearer and produce complicated shapes. It organically wraps around a body, providing shelter and, most significantly, producing power for everyday electronics such as mobile phones, tablets, and so on. When not in wear mode, it may be utilized as a power-generating blanket. This robe combines style and usefulness by serving as both a personal wearable and a space to share with others. Solar energy has never been more adaptable or interactive!

Solar robe is a revolutionary solar wearable energy source that is so versatile and multi-functional that it may be worn every day while maintaining a high degree of beauty.

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