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Autonomous airport ground support vehicle

Toyota NPS is an airport ground support vehicle. It will replace much equipment used in nowadays airports. Primarily it is a baggage carrier and a ramp replacement. Also could be used as a supplementary catering truck for selected aircrafts. Shape of a body can flex depending on a required to carry load. Still exterior design of a vehicle remains simple and yet elegant. NPS uses a ground breaking non sticky Nano gel system, which is capable of transporting goods such as luggage, catering carts and etc. Secret lies in a gels memory structure it provides ability to induce items, store them and elevate to a higher ground as required. This method of delivery will provide a safe way of transporting goods, easily maintaining desired temperature and humidity. Triple layer architecture of this gel will allow to sort items in order to protect them, providing different climate conditions. Since NPS is completely autonomous it will be able to form vehicle trains to provide more efficient delivery. Artificial intelligence computer will allow NPS to form experience over time and provide even better service as it progresses.
Artificial intelligence bio computer
Nano gel for transporting goods
Triple layer system - Micro climate and safety control
Rugged wheels for all weather conditions
Surrounding sensors
Algae power plants built into wheel hubs

Algae bio plants provide power to the vehicle. As carbon dioxide provides algae a growth it requires later it is transmitted into electricity that powers the NPS. To sum up Toyota NPS is a self-adaptable vehicle that will service airports of the future with great efficiency and green power.

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