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Lexus steering wheel





Using drive by wire technology , and center fixed wheel center , allows to operate it in much more convenient way , turning angle is decreased drastically , that is important for older people that ar not so flexibly to operate the wheel in full capacity

The multifunctional drive by wire steering wheel offers the following advantages :
controls are grouped in the centre of the steering wheel, thus freeing up space on
the dashboard, and giving it a simpler, uncluttered look;

Significant improvements in ergonomics, since the controls are grouped in a stable
and easily accessible position, so that the driver does not have to take his hands off
the wheel;

Controls are on the steering wheel, they remain easily visible, even at night,
thanks to the use of illuminated pictograms

Terms of safety, the fixed-centre design of the steering wheel makes it possible to
install a shape-optimised driver airbag for improved driver protection.

LCD HUD display allows users to setup speedometer , revs, to their preference .Even a possibility to change colors and size of a displayed data, that is helpful for users with reduced vision ability , older users, and even just for user that prefer to have their own customized display

Incorporating all visual parameters to the in wheel integrated LCD screen, frees up the space , and increases visibility of the road ahead

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