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Dawn Aerospace Poly Orbit


Dawn aerospace



Dawn aerospace spaceplane design proposal. Hopefully these guys will change the micro payload deployment game to earth's orbit. The most recent shuttle on the new space highway
The Dawn Mk-II Aurora is planned for many flights per day to 100 km and higher, giving it unprecedented access to space. This vehicle combines the worlds of rockets and aviation, taking off and landing from ordinary airports alongside normal airplanes.

As the name suggest PolyOrbit design will take You to any Orbit. Polygons were use to accent multi versatility of a Mk-II space plane: take off anywhere, fly to the Orbit, that is required, deploy any suitable payload. Color scheme was kept down to a corporate one. In this way it compliments whole brand design and is in line with the rest.

Dawn's core technology for daily access to space has been demonstrated with the Aurora, a sub-scale suborbital vehicle. It is the latest in a series of vehicles that will one day transport satellites and assets to and from orbit. The vehicle's 3U payload can house scientific experiments. The Mk-III, the next vehicle in Dawn's series, will be based on this concept but considerably bigger and capable of carrying 250 kg.

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